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I love to write code. For examples of my work, check out my GitHub profile.

I am a proponent of the open web.

I graduated from Simon Fraser University with a B. A. Sc. in Computing Science with a specialization in artificial intelligence.

I worked for four years at Nitobi on a few different projects:

  1. a desktop website for Microsoft,
  2. mobile websites and applications for GetThere
  3. open source work on PhoneGap, particularly the early BlackBerry and Android implementations
  4. PhoneGap Build

Late 2011 we joined Adobe, where I continued work on PhoneGap, but most of the activity took place under the Apache Foundation as the Cordova project.

Some of my main projects at Adobe included:

  1. cordova-medic, a distributed continuous integration testing system for mobile web and hybrid applications. Powers
  2. cordova-cli, a nodejs-based command line tool for Cordova-based applications. Also available on npm.
  3. cordova-js, the unified JavaScript layer for the Cordova project
  4. cordova-android, the Android implementation of Cordova
  5. cordova-ios, the iOS implementation of Cordova
  6. cordova-blackberry, the BlackBerry WebWorks implementation of Cordova
  7. cordova-wp7, the Windows Phone 7 implementation of Cordova
  8. cordova-plugman, a nodejs-based command line tool for installing and uninstalling Cordova plugins. Also available on npm.

In September of 2013, I joined Saucelabs, my current employer, where I work on the mobile R&D team. I've gained valuable experience managing servers and learning how to run a cloud.

I'm a committer on the Apache Cordova and Ripple projects.

I like to learn both human and programming languages. I'm fluent in English, Polish and French, can get by in Italian, and am learning Farsi. I'm fluent in JavaScript, Java, C++, C#, Python, PHP, and can get by in Objective-C, Prolog, Ruby, Haskell, shell, IRCScript, you get the idea.

Recently I've fallen in love with document stores as database solutions, particularly enjoying working with CouchDB.