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a.k.a. Callback a.k.a. Apache Cordova

Fil Maj, Adobe Systems


Who is this hippy?

Works at  Studied at  Big fan of 

In the old days...

So young, so full of optimism...


what I was never taught: open source

nothing has made a bigger impact on my career than open source

who the fuck cares?

food for thought

* this is my own opinion/prediction

you can make money, too


if you don't have an account yet, go register. right now. do it. there is no time!

Anyways: PhoneGap. wtf is it?

why go web stylez, PhoneGap?

web is good at multi-platform

javascript is everywhere

one team for web (desktop & mobile) + native apps

progressively enhance web apps with device APIs

example device API: contacts

take a web app...

and make native apps

just some dudes using PhoneGap, no big deal

Thanks! Next up: Angelina. Then let's go drink beer., @phonegap,, @filmaj

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