wtf is appium?

Amsterdam, #PGDAY eu 2013

test your shit

hi my name is fil

.. and im addicted to testing


testing? pff..

unit and functional testing

unit testing

test interfaces

function add(one, two) {
return one + two;


functional (ui) testing

treat an entire application (or ui) as a single unit

describe('login', function() {
it('should give you an error with invalid username or password', function() {
browser.getElementByCssSelector('input#username', function(err, el) {
el.sendKeys('albert', function(err) { 
// blahblahblah

wtf is appium?

Functionally test web, native and hybrid apps.. ON REAL (or fake) DEVICES!


Extension of Selenium on mobile devices

Appium implements the JSON Wire Protocol on iOS, Android, etc.

Application Integrity

Appium doesn't modify your application binary

What your users get is what you test

Automate your device

omfg it moves!

demo time nao

demo gods be with me

If that seems like a lot of work...

Just use!

Thanks eh