PhoneGap (Cordova) and the Command Line

PhoneGap Meetup Vancouver 09/2012

Fil Maj, Master Exploder, Adobe

What I Do

  • Work on Apache Cordova
  • Drink beer
  • Play ping pong

IDEs Suck

Xcode. My arch-nemesis.

IDEs Suck, continued

Eclipse. No.

Use the command line, Luke

Cordova/PhoneGap has create and debug commands!

$ cd cordova-ios
$ ./bin/create ~/apps/myIosCordovaApp ca.filmaj.cordovaios MyIosCordovaApp
$ cd ~/apps/myIosCordovaApp
$ ./cordova/debug
$ ./cordova/emulate


  • Add native capabilities
  • Exposed via a consistent JavaScript API
  • Can be cross-platform, doesn't have to be

Plugin Specification

CLI + Plugins

CLI, turned up to 11

WARNING: Incoming Live Demo

Thanks eh