event_note2003-2008: Simon Fraser University

I graduated from Simon Fraser University with a B. A. Sc. in Computing Science with a specialization in artificial intelligence.


event_note2008-2011: Nitobi

After graduating in 2008, I joined Nitobi, a web and mobile software development consultancy. There I worked on a few different projects:

  1. a top-1000 web property for Microsoft,, getting 1.5-2.5 million daily unique visits
  2. on behalf of global travel giant Sabre Holdings, developed mobile websites and applications for corporate travel under the GetThere suite of apps
  3. open source work on PhoneGap, ranging from implementations on specific mobile platforms (Android, BlackBerry, iOS) to the tooling, as well as leveraging it for various consulting engagements
  4. Then-Nitobi-now-Adobe's online mobile application compilation/deployment tool, PhoneGap Build

event_note2011-2013: Adobe

In late 2011, Nitobi was acquired by Adobe, where I continued work on PhoneGap. Most of my activity took place under the Apache Foundation as the Cordova project.

My main projects at Adobe were mostly Cordova-specific and included:

  1. cordova-cli, a nodejs-based command line tool for Cordova-based applications - available on npm.
  2. cordova-js, the unified JavaScript layer for the Cordova project
  3. cordova-android, the Android implementation of Cordova
  4. cordova-ios, the iOS implementation of Cordova
  5. cordova-blackberry, the BlackBerry WebWorks implementation of Cordova
  6. cordova-wp7, the Windows Phone 7 implementation of Cordova
  7. cordova-plugman, a nodejs-based command line tool for installing and uninstalling Cordova plugins - available on npm.

event_note2013-2016: Sauce Labs

In September of 2013, I joined Sauce Labs where I started as a member of the Mobile R&D team. This was the team responsible for designing and building Sauce's mobile solution - an on-demand service for access to virtual and real Android and iOS devices, mainly for testing native and web applications.

I veered away from focusing on mobile development exclusively in my time at Sauce Labs. I gained valuable experience managing fleets of both bare-metal and virtual machines of various operating systems (Linux, Windows and Mac) powering Sauce's VM-on-demand service. I learned how to build and run a distributed, highly-available system, shifting my focus towards (cringe) DevOps, or, put more pragmatically, understanding and maintaining systems, from hardware up to software, from operational to programming concerns.

Near the end of my term at Sauce, I coded less and worked on more organizational and process challenges such as hiring, mobile product strategy and team management as Director of Engineering for Sauce Labs' Vancouver, Canada office. I also completed a New Manager Bootcamp at UC Berkeley's Executive Education faculty.

In September 2016, I left Sauce Labs and traveled around in Southeast Asia for six weeks because vacation is important and life's too short amirite?

event_noteNovember 2016: Adobe

In November of 2016, I rejoined the PhoneGap team! I mostly worked in a supporting role, helping push stability, reliability and speed of delivery of the PhoneGap and Cordova tooling.

In November of 2017, a few co-workers and I moved to the Developer Experience team at Adobe. We work to improve Adobe's development ecosystem, both externally and internally.

assessmentProficiencies & Languages


For programming languages, I'm fluent in JavaScript, Java, C/C++, C#, Python, sh and PHP, and can get by in Ruby, Objective-C, Haskell and Go.

I've worked with a variety of tech stacks and have familiarity in different areas including:

  • node.js, my favourite playground
  • AWS
  • Microsoft's .NET stack
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Frontend JavaScript frameworks like React, Angular and Framework7
  • Relational databases using MySQL and MSSQL
  • Document databases using CouchDB and ElasticSearch
  • Configuration management / infrastructure-as-code using Ansible
  • Good understanding of native Android development using the NDK
  • Good understanding of the Android Open Source Project, all the way down to the kernel


For us humans, I'm fluent in English, Polish and French, can get by in Spanish, and would probably fail terribly, but try regardless, to have a conversation in Farsi or Italian.


I'm an Apache committer on the Cordova project.

I'm a member of the World Wide Web Consortium, and have been involved in developing mobile device related standards as part of the Device API and Web Platform working groups.

In 2015, while working at Sauce Labs, I completed the New Manager Bootcamp at Berkeley, CA.